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      • high-efficiency horn-loaded and ribbon systems
      • world-class premium components
      • hybrid horn loudspeakers
      • bass reflex and transmission lines
      • years of expertise in high-end audio

Amplifiers and custom crossovers available! Let KCS match up the proper bass system to your present loudspeakers. Front and back horns are custom-built to order. Turnaround time is approximately 6-8 weeks, inquire with your needs.

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4x18" Bass Horn & Fostex T500AMK2 complete loudspeaker! front pic
PAIR PRICE $17,999.00 PLUS SHIPPING, please contact KCS for options.

Fostex T500AMK2 super-tweeter features pure magnesium diaphragm with less unpleasant overtones as heard in other types of metal domes. Stronger magnet system uses two 40mm diameter Alnico magnets. Voice coil is wound with Silver-Copper alloy wire, with the same material at 1.4mm used for internal wiring. Newly designed horn with new cutoff frequency is made from ultra-precision cut brass, and copper terminals.

Custom Bass-Horns front pic
Bass horn options starting at ~$3,500.00. Please contact KCS for more info.


Seas Exotic F8-X1 8" Full Range
PAIR PRICE $3,799.00 PLUS SHIPPING, please contact KCS for options.

Hello! KCS is offering an all-new loudspeaker based on the new and wonderful SEAS Exotic full range alnico magnet 8" drivers. These SEAS drivers have only recently been released. I have spent over eight months designing around this new and amazing transducer, which is a true point-source, time- and phase-correct, and no crossover to get between you and your music. The build quality is very high. I had constructed many different cabinet designs before finally choosing this large, BBC golden-ratio, bookshelf-style cabinet. Our cabinet uses very costly Baltic birch plywood, the best type, plus KCS doubles this for a cabinet over 1-5/8" thick!! No resonance with this cabinet! Plus, KCS added a hard rock maple, fully-tuned brace inside this very heavy and over-built cabinet. We use full veneer even on bottom. Finish is the best anyone can offer, a true French polish like the best Martin guitars sport; *this is all hand-applied over 10 coats*. French polish is the best looking and sounding finish for this type of design, plus ages very well with no yellowing like plastic coats, and is easy to repair or maintain.

Hey, but we're not done yet! This loudspeaker also uses one of the worlds best binding post sets: Mundorf's solid copper M-connects! We used very high-quality Nordost internal cable plus WBT silver solder. Damping material is Acousta-stuff and our "special sauce" ;) We spared no expense.

This loudspeaker weighs 60 lbs ea.// 22" h x 14"w x 16"d // 40hz-22khz // 8ohms // 94db 1 watt. We include shipping in US 48 discounted for other locations. KCS is the first manufacturer to release a loudspeaker using Seas Exotic, don't think any others will offer due to high cost of drivers. And if one does, you can be sure the cost would be double what we ask since KCS is factory direct you save big.

Sell pair, your choice maple or cherry veneer! If you think this is a high price look up cost on Mundorf's large Copper M-connects and Seas drivers. Take care and happy listening!

SEAS X1-08 Exotic F8. This full range 8 inch driver has a paper cone with papyrus fibers to optimize stiffness and damping, and high frequency whizzer cone perfectly matched to the cone. Special foam rubber surround that reduces mass of surround by 40% compared to regular rubber surrounds, which results in higher sensitivity for the driver, and excellent damping properties. New GVD technology is combined with an extremely open weave spider. The threads in the weave are woven together in a way that makes the spider silent. In other words, the noise from the threads rubbing together is completely gone. The open weave is practically fully acoustically transparent and resonance problems caused by traditional spiders are reduced to a minimum. High temperature voice coil wound on a stiff and rigid glass fiber former. AlNiCo Magnet system in addition to a copper cap on the pole piece and an underhung voice coil reduce non linear distortion to a minimum. H2 lead out wires prevent roping and resonances.

Seas Exotic W8-X2-08 & Raal Ribbon 2-Way Monitor
PAIR PRICE $5,999.00 PLUS SHIPPING, please contact KCS for options.

The Exotic W8-X2 is an 8 inch woofer-midrange driver designed for smooth, wide frequency response, high sensitivity and low distortion. The special paper cone is embedded with papyrus fibers to optimize stiffness and damping. A special foam rubber surround reduces mass by 40% compared to conventional rubber surrounds, resulting in higher sensitivity and excellent damping properties. Unlike most plastic foam materials, this material is stable and will offer decades of trouble-free operation. A new and proprietary spider design dramatically improves the performance of this critical suspension part. By combining an extremely open weave with a new resin formulation, all noises normally generated by the friction of the threads rubbing together are virtually eliminated. Additionally, the open weave is highly acoustically transparent, minimizing the reflections and resonances associated with conventional spider designs. A high temperature copper voice coil is wound on a rigid, non-conductive glass fiber former. High quality H2 lead-out wires eliminate noise due to resonances. The magnet system uses an Alnico V-ring magnet for high sensitivity and excellent stability. Massive copper rings above and below the magnet gap lower distortion due to eddy currents and flux modulation. A hand-turned phase plug made from ash offers optimal radiation conditions for the critical mid frequency band. A stiff and stable injection moulded zinc basket keeps the critical components in perfect alignment. Generous windows both above and below the spider reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonances to a minimum.

RAAL 140-15D Ribbon Tweeter (with optional Amorphous Core). With surface of 21 sq. cm (3.25 in. sq.), super-light 22 mg flat foil, deflector pads, homogenous magnetic field, it represents the finest in today’s mid-high transducer design. Many other details in its construction serve as tools to achieve the flattest possible frequency response and fastest settling time. It's fast and accurate. The main difference is that, contrary to other ribbon drivers, it recreates the spherical sound wave, although it is a straight line source, so the high frequency range is not emphasized and “beamed” to a vertically very narrow space. Bad directivity characteristics is very audible, like constant presence of sound system in front of the listener, as the brain registers the changes in sound field with small head movements thus inducing the listener to use effort to be very still while listening. Also, too directive speakers, tend to provoke just a few of listening room’s reflections, making the needed diffuse sound field in room deprived of high frequency components, which is another problem to our brain. Real instruments don’t behave that way, so that should be recreated as much as possible. 140-15D does just that, it makes almost semi-spherical sound wave, like life around us does. Its ability to produce very high SPL with no audible distortion while keeping the minute music details revealed without any effort, brings natural character of the instrument played into the listening room, with such a quality of sound that upgrades the perspective of a listener to a participant in an event that happened somewhere else in time and place. It comes easily for the 140-15D to "fool" the human brain in such a way that, all of a sudden, makes everything sound right and just as it should. The brain has no option but to interpret that there are real living people playing real musical instruments, playing in the very room in which, a millisecond ago, contained nothing more than your stereo system. The sensation of hearing "natural" sound is overwhelming. The exact size of all the instruments and vocals, their perfect position within the sound stage, and the clarity of air between the instrument's positions are all instantly recognizable… Enough said. You must hear it to believe it!

Fostex FW800HS 31.5" Super-Bass System!
PRICE EACH $6,999.00 PLUS SHIPPING, please contact KCS for options.

KCS' MONSTER sub-bass system. Features the Fostex FW800HS 31.5" super-woofer, 500 watt Ice-module power amp. Doubled-birch plywood cabinet. Veneered Lacquer finish. Design has superior transient response, capable of massive bass pressures at hi-SPL without strain. Produces more detail in bass frequency than other subwoofer systems due to the extremely low excursion of the woofer. Design can be tube-powered! The KCS sub-bass system can be built into wall or ordered passive. Basic finish, 500 watt Ice-module powered, full crossover.

Fostex FW800HS, 31.5" Super Woofer. FW800HS is the premier large diameter super woofer for ultra low frequency reproduction. Featuring a highly rigid diaphragm and hybrid materials, this super woofer produces the ultra-low sound that most people have never experienced. FW800HS employs the following specialized parts for realistic low sound reproduction:

  • Highly durable diaphragm & cap
  • High input 4-layers voice coil
  • Large aluminum die-cast heat sink
  • Push-pull double spider